miércoles, 17 de marzo de 2010

In English, please

Hello everyone, my nickname is sand_fox_trooper; and I’d like to explain in this blog some about my project.

Because I have no work space I started to make a set of armor out of craft foam (EVA foam, A.K.A. foamy in Europe); easy to cut, glue, weathering, thermoforming and… cheap, very cheap.

First, my armor is not that accurate for most die-hard costumers wanting a screen accurate suit, but… it´s enough for a cosplay, carnival, Halloween and so (maybe the best choice to a rebel undercover mission against the 501, if you are not too close…). This project of EVA armor is like a game, a big puzzle in 3D, a model, a MockUp, a construction set, a treasure hunt …

For me, it’s about gaining knowledge, and a personal challenge. Can I do this? Is build from scratch really that hard?; and better than good if its funny.

In this moment i've finished the armor, a orange pauldron, a three pouches, and pair of boots; this seems that i don´t have photos of the building process, my step by step.... sorry. I hope that the blueprints could apologize that

The good notice is that i'm still working in the blueprints of the helmet, so a tutorial or a lot of pics will be available a.s.a.p.

Enjoy it!!

Pd: (easy? Accurate? Cheap? Fast?. !!Give me two!!)